During the first few months of pregnancy, morning sickness can be nearly debilitating. The constant nausea and decreased appetite makes even the best of us feel the worst. There are medications that you can buy to help with morning sickness, but if you are looking for a more natural (and less expensive) route, try one or maybe even more of these natural morning sickness remedies.


Drink Tea


It’s no surprise that tea has its benefits, but who knew that herbal teas made with lemon and peppermint are known to reduce nausea. Along with the herbal teas, red raspberry-leaf tea is also a popular and effective choice for many pregnancy problems, not just morning sickness. For an added bonus, try a drop of peppermint oil on a sugar cube in your cup of tea.


Of course, for the tea that stands above all else, drinking a cup of ginger tea is the absolute best. Ginger is incredibly useful for countering motion sickness, and can be consumed in a wide variety of ways.


Get all the Ginger You Can



Ginger has always been the traditional choice for settling upset stomachs and taking any and all queasiness out of the equation. The most common way to get some ginger into your system       is by drinking flat, room-temperature ginger ale. It’s important that the ginger ale is flat, though. The fizz of non-flat ginger ale will do the exact opposite of what you are looking for. Other consumption options include taking ginger root in a capsule form, chewing on crystallized ginger, and eating ginger chews.


Choose Foods Wisely


Choosing what foods to eat during early pregnancy is actually an incredibly impactful decision for your day-to-day life. For preemptive nausea prevention, try keeping crackers next to your bed every night to have in the morning. When you wake up, slowly eat a few before you do anything else. You should also keep apple juice by your bed and sip it throughout the night in order to stabilize your blood sugar. For choosing a meal, carbohydrates are the best options for fighting nausea. Be sure to pair a carb with a protein, though, to keep you more energized throughout the day. Try to avoid anything that is spicy, fried, rich, fatty, greasy, made with artificial sweeteners, or caffeinated.


Eat Wisely


Along with what foods you choose, the way you eat through the day can also heavily impact how you feel. For one thing, no matter how little you may be interested in eating anything, an empty stomach will only worsen the symptoms. Try eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. Remember, these meals should include a carb and a protein, but should remain less heavy than you would normally eat for a full meal. Eating a protein-rich snack before bed has also proven to be effective.


Morning sickness can completely alter your mood, energy level, and overall productivity throughout the day. Hopefully, though, by using these natural morning sickness remedies you will begin to finally feel like someone with little to no nausea disrupting their lives. It’s up to you to give these a try, so good luck and congratulations.

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