Your Baby at 12 months

Your Baby at 12 Months: You can do it, honey, move! Although some babies may feel confident enough to walk at this point, the majority of them don’t. Their first steps are taken at around

Your Baby at 10 months

Your Baby at 10 Months Memory development Your baby’s memory is improving day by day. It was not long ago where every day was starting from a blank page, whereas now they recognize many faces,

Your Baby at 9 months

Your Baby at 9 months! Crawling, cruising and sitting back down. What do we expect to see at this point? It’s possible that your baby will begin to cruise soon, i.e., standing up and hold

Your Baby at 8 months

Your Baby at 8 Months Drop and throw Your baby will enthusiastically find out that they are better at controlling their hands and fingers, so they will probably test your limits by dropping things or

Your Baby at 7 months

Your Baby at 7 Months Look, mom, I am teething! This month is usually characterized by enormous amounts of saliva your baby produces. It is the time when most babies start teething. However, it’s also

Your Baby at 6 months

When your baby becomes six months’ old Right now they are literally half-way through year one and doing great. Keep reading to learn how your baby’s senses are developing, and how to start weaning. Your

Your Baby at 5 months

When your baby becomes five months’ old Up to this point, all the affection has been flowing one-way, but prepare to start getting some back -and be amazed by it! Things like little arms in

Your Baby at 4 months

Your baby at four months old This is the tipping point where your baby begins to develop faster. Their senses improve, they start making their first attempts at baby talk, while some babies may even

Your Baby at 3 months

When your baby becomes three months’ old While transitioning from two to three months, your baby will become aware of their hands, which will start receiving lots of its attention. Bringing them to their mouth

Your Baby at 2 months

When your baby becomes two months’ old      This is an exciting and highly anticipated moment for every parent. It is the time where your little human will start giving you those adorable, perfectly shaped little