You’ve now hit the second trimester of your pregnancy – it’s time for more noticeable changes in your body’s symptoms. Some changes will be a relief – while some of them will only be added nuisances to your daily routine. Either way, the changes happening in your body mean that you are even closer to giving birth to your sweet little bundle of joy, and that makes everything well worth it.


Morning sickness

Soon after your second trimester kicks in, your morning sickness that’s been saddling you will eventually taper off or stop entirely.

Emotional abnormalities

With three months to adjust to your hormonal changes, your body has had the necessary time it needs – so your emotions might actually tame enough that you can get through a romantic movie without crying.



Now that your baby bump is starting to show, the pressure on your back is starting to show as well. Try to avoid picking up or carrying anything heavy – it will only make things worse.

Bleeding gums

With all the hormone changes sending more blood to your gums (fun fact), they’re going to become swollen and tender. To help ease the pain, use a softer toothbrush and be gentle when you floss.

That pregnancy glow

You know that ‘glow’ that you hear people talking about during pregnancy? This is the time it starts. Your hormones are making your face appear flushed, so enjoy the glow while you can.


Your appetite has finally returned by the second trimester, which means that the cravings are about to hit. Whether this is good or bad for you, you will probably desire some pretty wacky food combinations.

There may be some other side effects popping up as well, and they can be perfectly normal changes. If you are worried, there is no shame in checking in with your doctor to make sure that everything is normal. This is an important time in your life, so pay attention to your body and listen to what it’s telling you.


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