Everyone knows the importance of daily exercise – even half an hour of some light walking is crucial for a healthy and happy person. Did you know that babies need exercise, too? Many people might not have realized that their little one could use some activity in their day-to-day life as well. When babies exercise, it initiates the development that may be substantial for health later on in life. Kids who do not get adequate exercise may fail to grasp the opportunity to formulate brain-muscle links that will make physical activity much more effortless and enjoyable later in life. Exercising your little one will help them gain strength day-by-day as well as increase the likelihood of them taking exercise and running with it (pun intended).

Tummy Time

Yes, the tummy time that you’ve heard about is also a great newborn exercise. It’s recommended to have at least 10 minutes a day – usually after a feeding.

Baby Sit-ups

Don’t expect your baby to be doing crunches all on their own – this is more of your own doing while the baby slowly gains upper-body strength. Place your baby on a blanket and hold the blanket slightly above their head, with your baby in the middle of your arms. Slowly lift the blanket until your baby is in a sitting position, and then slowly lay them back down

Pull ups

Pulling up to a sitting position, that is. Grasp your baby’s hands with your fingers around them (make sure your thumbs are in the baby’s palms) and slowly help lift your baby up to a sitting position. This is very similar to a baby sit-up, except it’s a little more advanced.

Bicycle Legs

This involves laying your baby on their back and holding their ankles – slowly move their legs in a circular motion as if they were peddling a bicycle. This will also help soothe colicky babies as well, so it’s a very useful trick!

Tippy Toes

Hold your baby under their armpits and gently touch his toes to the ground. Have them balance with most of the weight supported by you to help them.

Waving Arms

This is probably the least creative name on here, but it speaks exactly to what it is your baby will be doing. Simply wave your baby’s arms from side-to-side and up and down to help get that motion and movement into your baby’s routine.

Now, these are just a few of the many exercise ideas that are out there. What’s important is getting your baby up and moving – even for a little bit every day. It’s recommended to get at least 60 minutes of activity in a day, so if it is necessary to work up to it, by all means, take your time. The fact that you are even starting your baby down an active path means they’ll be more likely to be active in their later years.

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