You’re new to motherhood and you are facing one of the most frustrating and difficult aspects of parenting a newborn – your child will not stop crying. Because no matter the baby, all of them have crying in common. There are ways to help soothe your fussy baby though – starting with trying to understand why babies cry in the first place.

Why your baby is crying                                                                   

There are many reasons your baby might be crying. After all, crying is the only way babies know how to communicate that they’re hungry, uncomfortable, tired – or literally anything else they’re feeling in that moment. So before coming to the conclusion that they are being fussy for no reason – first make sure all of their needs are met. Have they been fed? Is their diaper clean? Are they overtired? Are they having tummy issues? Have you cuddled them?

Have you checked for all of these?

If yes, then your baby might just be going through a normal period of fussiness that many babies go through. It’s important not to jump to conclusions – try the following techniques to calm your baby.

Ways to soothe them

  • Try swaddling them
  • Hold them on their side
  • Hold them on their stomach
  • Make shushing sounds
    • The sound of a mother’s “shush” can do wonders for calming down a crying baby
  • Sing quietly
    • It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a good singer or not – your baby will entirely love hearing a quiet song to help soothe and comfort them.
  • Give them a bath
  • Turn on a fan
  • Go outside
    • A change in scenery might be all your baby needs to help calm them down
  • Give a baby massage
  • Hold them and swivel back and forth at the hips
  • Try a baby swing
  • Take a drive around the block

Hopefully these tips and tricks have calmed and soothed your baby to the point of quietness. Some things will work better than others at different times, it all depends on your baby’s mood – keep trying different things until your baby has found peace (and you have, too!). Good luck!

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