Packing a diaper bag is an important task that can be easy to overlook. There is a lot involved, with details including what exactly to bring, how much of what you’re bringing you need, and what is necessary compared to what is just an extra. Not to fear, though, below are lists of what should absolutely be included in your diaper bag packing and what can be added into the leftover space.

The essentials


It’s no surprise diapers are the top of the list. You never want to be caught without diapers when they are needed, so always pack at least one for each hour you’ll be out. Maybe even pack a few extra – you won’t regret it. 


For diaper changes, sticky hands, or messy faces – wipes are essential. Look for a travel-sized pack so they take up less room.

Changing pad

If your diaper bag doesn’t come with its own foldable changing pad, definitely add one to your bag.

Bottles of formula

            (If you’re bottle feeding)

Extra Clothes

            Messes can happen at every turn, and you should never be caught without a change of clothes for your little one. Also include an extra shirt for yourself (you know, just in case).


            A blanket is going to function as a tool for warmth, a cover while you’re nursing, a bib, an option for some shade, or a burp cloth – so pack a couple and use them however is necessary.

Hand sanitizer

            For every post diaper change where there is no sink available for some much needed hand sanitation.


            Or any item that will comfort your child in case of an outburst.

Sun protection

            It’s important to keep your child protected from the dangers of the sun – so never be caught without some sort of sun screen or a sun hat to shade your baby’s sensitive skin.

Emergency supplies

            Any important numbers, extra money, and keys you need can and should be stored in the diaper bag just in case you need them.


The extras

Diaper rash cream

            You never know when a sore bottom will flare up – and you want to be ready to treat it.


            Any toys, books, or coloring pages your child likes to play with is worth taking up a little extra space. 


            Any snack your child enjoys will be perfect for when they are hungry.


            Even just a few Band-Aids could prove incredibly useful during an injury. If you have some more space, try packing a small tube of antibiotic cream, as well. 

Plastic bags

            For storing soiled diapers, clothes, or blankets. Make sure to keep them out of reach of the kiddo, though.


With these tools and essentials packed away, you should be ready for every outing (and mess) you encounter. Have fun!

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