Potty training can be a frustrating and what feels like slow-moving time in both your child’s and your own life. Luckily, the parents of the world have the ability to put their heads together and share their tested and true ways to make potty training your little one just a little bit easier. These tips and tricks can be found all over the world wide web, or simply right here in this article for your convenience.

Try a song

There are plenty of potty time songs that you and your child can listen to that they’ll learn from. You could even make up your own song to sing while on the potty. Either way, a song adds some fun into the mix.

Time it

Time how often they should try to go potty, that is. Most parents say every 20 minutes is the way to go, slowly increasing the time as they gradually grasp the concept.

Target practice

For the boys out there, putting flushable items into the toilet – such as Cheerios or Fruit Loops – adds the challenge of aiming (which also adds some fun).

Colored water

Dying the toilet water with red or blue food coloring makes the water change to orange or green – which is always an added excitement factor.

Make flushing fun

Make flushing a prize that they get after using the potty. If you make flushing only allowed if they go, it will add a prize factor.

Surprise bag

Every time they achieve the accomplishment of using the potty, reward them with a treat from a surprise bag. Add some inexpensive stickers and toys into the bag and let the fun go on with every treat taken from it.

If you haven’t noticed the recurring theme with these potty training tricks, every single one adds a fun factor that makes learning to use the potty a much more exciting time in your child’s life. You see, fun is the most effective and important aspect of reaching through to your children in order for them to learn to use the potty – and most importantly – want to use the potty. Good luck!



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