Pregnancy is an amazing, exciting, difficult, stressful, and emotional time for you and your loved one. Fear not, though, because with these ten must-have products you will seamlessly glide through every ache and pain like a pro. Whether it’s your first, second, or what feels like millionth time around the block – it’s never too late to grab on to these necessities.

  1. A Boppy pregnancy pillow. Pregnant women across the U.S. swear by a good body pillow to have and to hold all throughout pregnancy. Besides the fact that the Boppy pillow will be there for you to support and elevate your aching back and knees, it’s also great to have after pregnancy as well.14386023
  1. Maternity bras. Your breasts change significantly throughout pregnancy, and as they change – they hurt. A good, supportive maternity bra will be your best friend. If you find yourself not quite ready to make the jump to a maternity bra, a sports bra will work as well (but only for a little while). Good support that keeps your breasts in place will help prevent sagging after pregnancy, and ease some of that tenderness.
  1. A good body lotion. As your belly grows, your skin stretches and gets especially dry. Not only the belly, but your feet, hands, ankles, and knees will dry even worse during pregnancy than any other time. Choose a lotion that is refreshing and soothing – ingredients like peppermint, lemon, jasmine, or cocoa butter will help relieve dry, itchy skin.products-during-pregs
  1. Tennis balls. A couple of tennis balls can go a long way, which might be surprising for many of you. It’s true though. When you’re further along in your pregnancy, having your loved one roll one of these around your lower back is a
  1. A belly band. It’s a bra for your belly that works wonders for your back and hips. With the added lift, the pressure that you feel on your back will ease up and give you a much needed break. Something like what Belly Bandit offers is a must-have for any pregnancy.
  1. Poise Microliners. Light bladder leakage and discharge are real issues of pregnancy, and no matter how glamorous it isn’t – panty liners are of upmost importance. Their super-absorbency will protect you from any leaks that may occur.
  1. Comfy shoes. As your joints loosen, your center of gravity shifts, and your feet swell… the right shoes are a necessity. Something long the lines of ballet flats or loafers are safe options, but any shoes you feel comfortable in will do the trick. Remember – during pregnancy – it’s function over fashion. Along with the shoes, buying a pair of inserts to help support your aching feet will make a huge difference on your feet, ankles, knees, back, and shoulders.
  1. Preggie pop drops. A natural way to help with morning sickness can be found right in these little candies. Use them whenever you want to curb your nausea – especially during times where triggering smells are all around you. The ginger in these will protect you from getting too sick, and the taste isn’t bad, either. 
  1. Essential oils & Diffuser. As another amazing morning sickness prevention tool, essential oils are incredibly helpful. Scents like lavender, peppermint, and lemon diffused into the air will considerably decrease your nausea (and keep your nose quite happy).
  1. Netflix. Last but CERTAINLY not least…Netflix. Whether you consider yourself a master binge-watcher or you rarely even glance at a television, Netflix is a necessity for any pregnancy. Whether or not you need distraction from your own symptoms or need to distract another family member – Netflix is always there for

Remember, every pregnancy is different and every woman reacts differently. It’s important to find the products that work for you and run with them… so slip on that maternity bra and grab your Boppy pillow – it’s time to sit and watch some Netflix.

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