Pregnancy is a special time, a time that comes with a lot of guidelines and considerations in order to have the healthy and happy pregnancy you desire. These considerations are for a reason; following guidelines (such as what beauty regimens not to use) means ensuring a safe nine months with your little bundle of joy at the finish line. It’s pretty hard to know exactly what can be harmful, though, so below is a list whipped up with all the beauty regimens and activities – as well as a few other additional products you should avoid while pregnant.


Tanning. Whether naturally or in a tanning bed, raising your core body temperatures to high levels can be incredibly dangerous for your baby. Along with that, the UV rays in tanning beds break down folic acid – which is important for your little one.

Hot tubs and saunas. Similar to tanning, hot tubs and saunas also raise your core body temperature. When this happens (called hyperthermia) it can lead to an increased risk of birth defects during the first trimester.

Piercings. While pregnant, your immune system is weakened – so getting a piercing could come with an increased risk of infection.

Tattoos. Little is known about the effects ink might have on your baby, but the risk of contracting infections such as Hepatitis B or HIV is certainly there – so it’s for the best to just avoid getting a tattoo until after you give birth.

Facials. Basic facials are fine during pregnancy – they can be a great way to pamper your skin and relax your changing body. There are some treatments to avoid, though, such as chemical peels, hot stones, and electric stimulation.

Teeth whitening. Whitening your teeth either professionally or with over-the-counter products is not recommended during pregnancy. Using a whitening toothpaste is still safe, however, if you’re wanting a treatment, try looking into safer, more natural alternatives to brighten your smile while pregnant.

Botox. The risks associated with getting Botox while pregnant hasn’t been widely researched, but it is best to avoid any injections while pregnant.

Expensive bath products. Believe it or not, high-end bath products tend to contain many exotic ingredients and chemicals that can trouble your body during pregnancy. Try sticking to the cheaper stuff during your pregnancy, or even use products designed specifically for babies and young children in order to completely avoid harmful chemicals.

Tampons. It’s rare – but it is possible for tampons to create infections that can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women. To help deal with discharge safely, stick to panty liners.

Prescription acne medication. The ingredients associated with prescription acne medications (such as Accutane and tetracycline) are known to cause miscarriage, birth defects, or stunted development.

            Overly tight clothing. If clothing is too tight, it can restrict blood flow – which can increase swelling and possibly even reduce nutrient distribution to your baby. It’s for the best to simply avoid overly tight clothing and stick to loose, comfy clothes during pregnancy.

Follow these guidelines to ensure safety for your little one growing inside you. Even if you might miss something dearly, holding your little one after the nine months will make everything absolutely worth it.




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