You’ve finally reached the third trimester, and it’s absolutely nerve-wracking how close you are to giving birth to your baby. Those nerves will also be met with a variety of new symptoms that can be an added frustration to your daily life. Just think about the little baby growing inside you, though, and it will all seem like a small price to pay.


The third trimester is an incredibly demanding time for your body, so it’s quite likely you’ll feel completely exhausted. All the extra weight, frequent urination (more on that later), and the general stress of preparing for a baby can wear you out. It’s important to take it easy when you can and get regular exercise for an extra boost.


With your uterus pushing your stomach and all of its contents upward, a persistent burn is incredibly likely. Do your best to avoid greasy, spicy, and acidic foods in order to help relieve the heartburn. If it persists to an uncomfortable point, consult your doctor about safe treatments.

Crazy dreams

Those pregnancy hormones that are causing some emotional changes in your body can also cause the most vivid dreams you have ever experienced. These dreams are a totally normal side effect – and could make for some interesting stories to share with your loved one.

Stretch marks

Your belly is growing, which means your skin is stretching to a point it is not used to stretching to. Stretch marks are tiny tears in the skin that occur during pregnancy and are completely normal. To help minimize their appearance be sure to moisturize regularly.

Frequent urination

Your sweet little one growing inside you can do absolutely no wrong – except for maybe squishing your bladder. With the extra pressure from your baby you will have to go to the bathroom very frequently. To help cut down on sleep interruptions, avoid drinking liquids right before bed.

Leaky breasts

Your body is getting ready to feed your baby – which means early breast milk may began to leak from your breasts. To help alleviate the discomfort, be sure to wear a supportive bra day and night.

Braxton Hicks contractions

Starting to feel mild contractions during the third trimester is completely normal – it’s your body’s way of warming up for the real labor. It may feel a lot like labor, and may even eventually progress to it. If they are coming closer and closer together, it could be time to call your doctor.

Varicose veins

            Do you notice bulging veins in your lower body? Well, if you do, it’s completely normal. These veins are actually the result of all the extra blood your body is pumping. Don’t worry though, these will fade a few months after you give birth.

The third trimester is the most taxing on your body, but it also means you’re only a few months away from holding your little one in your arms. Once you can finally snuggle up to them, every single discomfort you’ve felt will melt away – you’ll even forgive them for every time you’ve woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. They’re that cute.

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