Your child has either

a) hit 3 feet tall

b) made a jailbreak from the crib on a daily basis

c) asked for a big boy bed


d) all of the above


Which means that it is time to start considering making the switch from a crib to an actual bed. This transition can seem difficult to approach, and might even make you a little hesitant. I know what you might be thinking… how exactly do I do this safely and effectively? Don’t worry, though, because this article is here to help.

First things first, choosing a bed

There are a variety of different bed options available to choose from, but it’s best to lean towards either a toddler bed or a twin bed with safety rails. The final decision is ultimately up to you and your partner, but it should be…

  • Sturdy
  • Low to the ground
  • Safety-rail friendly
  • Certified

Now it’s time to…

Sell the idea

If your child is hesitant to make the switch, try to make it a special big-boy adventure that they will be excited for. Take them with to the store and let them pick out their own bed – they’ll get to feel more in control of the situation and will even be more likely to use the bed because they chose it.

Start with naps first

To first integrate this brand new sleeping system into your child’s life, try to start with just using the bed for naps first. This will allow your child to become more comfortable with the new bed in a less sudden way.

Snuggle them to sleep

Your child may want you there while they sleep, and that is completely normal. Lie in bed with your little one until they fall asleep to help them become more comfortable with this new change. Be sure to slowly fade this out, though.

Move out slowly

To help them get used to the idea of falling asleep on their own, a smart strategy is to slowly move further and further away each night as they go to bed. For instance, the first night you may be right next to his bedside, while the next night you’re in a chair slightly further away. Then you move the chair even further away. Continue this until you are in the doorway, and your child will probably be completely able to fall asleep on their own.


No matter what strategies and tactics you use to transition your little one (or maybe not-so-little one) from a crib to a bed, be sure to appreciate how quickly your child is growing. This is an exciting time for not only them but you, too! Good luck and happy sleeping.

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