Reading is linked to many benefits no matter what the age, so why wouldn’t there also be benefits for those who haven’t even been born yet? According to numerous studies, there is, in fact, positive consequences that can be associated with reading to your unborn child while pregnant. We love our little ones (no matter how little) and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to help them grow and develop well… so if simply reading to your belly can do so, why wouldn’t you give it a go? After all, the countless benefits may surprise you.

Did you know your baby can hear you during the later stages of pregnancy? It’s true! Not only that, but when it comes to unborn babies, research has found that there is a link between learning and hearing. This means that if you are reading to your baby before they are born, they begin learning before they are born, as well. It will help develop recognition skills and learning skills that your baby might not have been exposed to otherwise.




Now that that’s settled, when should I start reading?


Once your baby is about six months along, sounds are extremely clear from outside the womb. At this point, a baby’s primary connection to the outside world comes in the form of sound. So once you are about six months into your pregnancy, it’s time to crack open some books and practice your reading voice – because you’re about to help your baby develop.


But now the question is, what books should you read?


You know those baby books that you have been getting throughout your pregnancy? They can finally come into play when you start reading to your unborn baby. Books with a clear rhythm and maybe even some rhyme patterns will provide a soothing listening experience for your baby to relax to and enjoy. It doesn’t just have to be young people books, though, you can pick any book that interests you. As long as your baby hears your voice, they will be sure to be soothed.

So there you have it, parents. Reading to your belly is now proven to be associated with many benefits. Reading is good for your soul (and now your unborn baby’s, too). So sit down in a comfy spot, clear your throat, and start reading… because no matter how excellent your reading skills may be, they’ll absolutely be excellent for your little one.


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