Your baby is on its way, and it’s time to start preparing for a house that is 100% baby ready – which means considering any and all dangers your little one could get into. This can be overwhelming for many parents. What if there is something you forget? How do you know every single thing that needs to be baby-proofed? Well, my fellow parents, together we will go over every possible harm that could come your baby’s way and learn how to prevent it. Baby proofing doesn’t have to be stressful and nerve-wracking. Instead, make it an exciting time of preparation – the baby is coming! The baby is coming!


Now, baby proofing isn’t necessarily essential for when a baby is first born, but it doesn’t hurt to get it out of the way early (just in case). On average, babies will start to crawl around 8 months – but they’ll be moving plenty earlier than that. Which is why getting the house ready is of upmost importance for new parents. Follow this guideline to make sure you have everything completely and absolutely harm free for your little explorer.


  • The oven door
  • Cabinets with locks or latches
  • The refrigerator with an appliance latch
  • Any furniture that can topple
  • Toilets with toilet seat locks



  • Stove guards to block access to burners
  • Door stops and guards on all doors
  • Safety plugs or outlet covers on unused outlets
  • Gates to block stairways
  • Covers over radiators and floor heaters
  • Corner and edge guards on all furniture
  • Floor lamps behind other furniture



  • Toiletries out or your baby’s reach
  • Electrical cords behind furniture
  • Blow dryers, toasters, and other dangerous appliances out of reach
  • Knives, breakables, heavy pots, and similar items out of reach
  • Cleaning agents, medicines, hand sanitizer, vitamins, toiletries, mothballs, and other potentially toxic items out of reach
  • Blind pulls and curtain strings out of reach

Do not use…

  • Soft, fluffy bedding under sleeping or napping babies
  • Table cloths or place mats

It is important to keep in mind, however, that all homes are different – each with their own unique set of dangers for your little one. For a little extra understanding of just how baby proofed your home is, hop down on all fours and complete “the crawl test”. If you can crawl through your home just as your baby would and you find potentially dangerous furniture or items – baby proof it! The crawling method is perfect for seeing what your baby will see and potentially get into. It may seem silly, but your baby’s safety is absolutely worth it. Good luck!


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