Pacifiers are an incredibly popular item for both newborns and their parents to turn to in times of tears. They calm your little one and give you a chance to enjoy some peace and quiet… but how much about pacifiers do you know? Together we will review the various benefits and consequences that come hand in hand with pacifier use.


Pacifier Pros

Soothes fussy babies

The most obvious positive aspect of the binky – it will help calm them down and give them a distraction from whatever had made them upset.


When it comes to weaning your child off of a pacifier, the solution simply involves throwing the pacifier away. If your child has the habit of sucking on their thumbs or fingers, though, the solution is not as simple. Pacifiers offer a more temporary soothing option for your little one rather than the alternatives.

Satisfies the suck reflex

All babies have a natural need to suck. This need can usually be met by a bottle or by breastfeeding – but any leftover longing calls for some much needed pacifier time for your little one.

May reduce the risk of SIDS

It’s true, sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, has been found less likely for infants who use a pacifier. The reason behind this involves the periodic movement of your baby’s mouth while they suck on a pacifier that keeps them in a lighter state of sleep – which means less of a chance that they will stop breathing.

Pacifier Cons

Increases the risk of ear infections

Interestingly enough, older babies who regularly use pacifiers have 1/3 more ear infections than those who stopped at six months. With this in mind, if your little one is over the age of six months old, it might be time to consider cutting the habit.

Can become a habit – for both of you

The pacifier habit can be tough to break – for you and your baby. If you are just as accustomed to pacifiers as your little one, you might end up throwing a pacifier into the ring with every hint of a tear. This can be a problem, though, because it might cause you to overlook the real reason behind the problem.

Might interfere with breastfeeding

There are differences between sucking on a breast compared to sucking on a pacifier – which can lead to decreased breastfeeding for your little one.


Now you have all the information necessary to make a smart and informed decision regarding a pacifier for your little one. Happy binky!



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