Diaper rash – an angry-looking rash that can make both you and your baby just a little bit fussy. When your little one has diaper rash, there are tiny red bumps all over their bottom that can look quite painful and will definitely cause some worry. Luckily, though, there are a variety of ways to not only treat diaper rash but to prevent it, as well!


What is diaper rash?

First and foremost, it is important to understand exactly what diaper rash is. Diaper rash is skin irritation that is a result of your little one’s number ones and number twos being pressed against their skin. This breaks down the protective barrier – resulting in one heck of a rash. There are also other various causes, such as an ill-fitting diaper, sensitivity or allergies to the brand of baby wipes you use, the beginning of eating solid foods, or maybe a case of diarrhea. For your little one between four and fifteen months – it is likely that they’ll develop a diaper rash at least once every couple of months. If left untreated, diaper rashes progress to yeast infections. Fortunately, we are here to help you stop that rash in its tracks.

How do I prevent diaper rash?

            Change diapers more often. It may seem like a no-brainer, but replacing a used diaper with a clean dry one as soon as possible is one of the front-running ways to prevent diaper rash. When skin stays damp for too long, it becomes susceptible to rash-raising enzymes. This means that even if your little one isn’t being fussy and forcing you to change them, change them anyway if they’re soiled.

            Keep the bottom dry. After each change, make sure your little one’s bottom is as dry as possible. Pat dry gently – don’t rub. If you have the time, air-drying is even better for your baby’s sensitive skin.

            Use a protective cream. There are diaper creams and ointments that can act as a barrier for your baby’s delicate skin. There are two types – petroleum-based and those containing zinc-oxide. These creams and ointments are very helpful for babies who are prone to diaper rash.

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            Keep a loose diaper. Having too tight of a diaper can chafe your baby’s skin – it also reduces airflow into the diaper region, which sets up a moist environment that sets your baby on the fast track to rash city. So, fasten the diaper as loosely as possible without risking any leakage.

Rinse with warm water. With each diaper change, rinse your little one’s bottom with either a moist washcloth, cotton ball, or baby wipes to aid in the cleansing of the skin. Remember to be gentle, though. Pat softly – don’t rub!

Diaper rashes are upsetting and extremely common, which is why we want to do everything in our power to help you prevent them as much as you can. With just a few tweaks in your daily life, the percentage chance of your little one developing a diaper rash can lessen greatly. Now who wouldn’t want that? Good luck!


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