This may or may not come as a surprise to you – but newborns can become very bored very easily. If they are left with nothing to do, they may become unhappy – ultimately leading to a fussy baby. I know, it’s hard to believe that your little one could actually become bored, but think about the fact that they can’t hold toys or take part in games – wouldn’t that make you a little lonely, too? Fortunately, entertaining young babies is plenty of fun and pretty much the ultimate way you could imagine spending your time. Cuddling, cooing, and talking with your little one is one of the best parts of being a parent – as well as the best part of being a newborn. You, as a parent, are the most important thing in your baby’s life – why wouldn’t they crave attention and play time from you? In fact, playtime is one of the key ways for infants to learn how to move, communicate, socialize, and understand their surroundings.


            Now the question is, how exactly do you cuddle and coo your baby to ensure they are not left completely bored? Well, that’s an easy one. As long as you are giving your baby attention, they will be the happiest baby in the bunch. All the most expensive toys and games in the world couldn’t compare to your attention – the only thing you really need to understand is the variety of ways you can go about providing it.

The imitation game

Use funny facial expressions with the hope that your baby will imitate you – ultimately entertaining them while also helping to develop their facial muscles. This is great for some fun time with your newborn, as well as for assistance when it comes to learning how to talk.

Read to them

Reading a book to your newborn is perfect for allowing your baby to hear your voice and develope the language aspect of their brain.


Sing to them

Even if you are not a flawless singer with perfect tune – your newborn will melt to the familiarity and comfort of your voice. This will supply the perfect soothing affect for your little one that will keep them calm and happy.

Tummy time

We’ve already stressed the importance of tummy time – so why wouldn’t we include it in this list? Tummy time is great for development as well as giving your little one a whole new vantage point to view their surroundings.

Talk to them

Tell them about your day, tell them why you love them like crazy, point to each of their body parts and ramble on about how much you just want to eat them up – no matter what you say, your baby will be completely enamored by you.


Now, you obviously won’t be able to give your baby attention every single second of every single day. Luckily, though, there are ways to still entertain your little one while carrying on with your day-to-day errands and activities.

  • Park their bassinet or bouncy seat directly in the center of all the household activity and encourage the household to stop by for quick interactions.
  • Keep your baby close by while you are reading or watching television
  • Carry them around as often as possible – being carried provides rhythm in your movements that is incredibly comforting to your newborn.

Play is a way to create an unbreakable bond with your newborn – a bond that lasts for a lifetime. As long as you give your baby the attention they crave, they will be sure to be the happiest baby in town.


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