Whether you have been dreaming about the eco-friendly benefits and the fashion forward patterns of a cloth diaper, the quick and simple system of disposable diapers… or you’re somewhere in the middle – it’s important to educate yourself on every option. This includes learning all the benefits that can come from using cloth diapers.


What you may imagine when you think of cloth diapers includes leaks, pins, and one heck of a mess. However, cloth diapers have grown considerably durable and quite impressive. With ingenious additions like snaps or Velcro closures, waterproof banding, and natural fibers that require no soaking – cloth diapers have become a reasonable competitor against the widely-known and appreciated disposable diapers. Let’s take a look at the benefits that can come from cloth diapers.


            Spending money on disposable diapers can add up (no surprise there), which is where reusable diapers come in and save the day. Not only does it save money short term, but if you’re planning on having more than one child – there is a huge spending difference if you invest in diapers you can use again and again. 

Better for your little one

            There are chemicals in disposable diapers that have been debated over whether or not they cause any harm – but sometimes avoiding chemicals no matter what is the safest bet.

Easy to clean

            It may be a little daunting to think about doing anything other than throwing away your baby’s dirty diaper – but with the advanced cloth diapers in this day and age, cleaning has become a much easier task. The process for cleaning cloth diapers includes a plastic-lined pail, two washes in the washer with a detergent like Tide, and a spin in the dryer. Easier than you thought, am I right?

They are cute!

I know for any and all reasons you may choose to use cloth diapers… cuteness might not be a top priority. It doesn’t hurt, though.


Cloth diapers will either work for you and your little one, or they won’t. It is up to you to decide if using reusable diapers is the best option. You have considered the benefits, and that’s a great step to take for your decision making. Consider your lifestyle and what you think will fit in with your day to day routine, then you can make the educated decision you deserve.

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